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Resurrection Fern

From what Daddy has put together, my great-great grandfather William Thomas Morgan was twenty-five years old and a member of the field artillery fighting at Gettysburg when he got word that his wife and children were sick with typhoid fever.  So, he left his battalion and walked most of the 844 miles back to Quitman, […]


Daddy Cow

When Ginny was five, she was preoccupied with roadkill. While traveling, she kept an eye out from the back seat looking for the tell-tale dark lump on the side of the road. It drove Mama crazy. Long before we got to whatever it was that had been hit, Ginny would ask, “Mama, what’s that dead […]


Good and Evil

“What’s a terrorist?” Colin asks from the backseat on the way to school. He is bundled up under the big, thick, soft blanket that Ginny gave him for Christmas. On these hour long drives from home to school, he rarely goes back to sleep but sometimes he catnaps, usually eavesdropping on his big brother’s conversations […]

Hopped Up on Oprah

I saw lots of heroes on television last night during the Super Bowl. There were human-interest stories about players on both teams and the good they do with the notoriety they have; ads that gave patients an opportunity to thank their first responders; stories about folks who bought a Hyundai and inadvertently contributed to cancer […]


A year into our marriage, Jamie and I clearly had very different expectations. Things weren’t going well. At a very naïve and relatively sheltered twenty-three, I expected a 1950’s “Leave it to Beaver” episode. I’ve never asked Jamie what, if anything, he expected. In retrospect, it had to be something like “Porky’s” but with a […]


My children often ask what heaven is like. Jamie and I give the standard answers about angels and no pain or fear. His Baptist upbringing provokes him into throwing in a few mansions and crowns.  I counter that with what our wise, old Presbyterian minister used to tell us about heaven being a walled off […]


Every now and then, I am a total badass. And not the normal kind of Mom-badass that meme’s are made of either, the ones that show a super tired Mom wearing sort of dorky superhero cape and mask and her socked feet are propped up on the coffee table and she’s looking exhausted, I’m talking […]