About Me

Although born and raised in southwest Georgia, my husband, young son and I moved back to my hometown twelve years ago after having lived in Washington, DC, for almost seven years. Graduating from college with a theatre arts degree, I have been employed as a former loan analyst, an office manager, grassroots advocacy director, and honors English literature teacher at a small private school. Currently, I commute eighty miles roundtrip every day to my job as an assistant to a vice-president at an office, but provide my family with excellent health insurance.

I would classify myself as a type A personality who volunteers for too much and has totally unrealistic expectations about most everything. I am organized at the office but am most definitely not organized at home. I know for a fact that I am bossy, sentimental, optimistic, and probably too polite to strangers.

As a wife and mother of two sons, born seven years apart, I must enjoy doing copious amounts of laundry because it seems the laundry room is where I spend most of my time. I have a faint recollection of enjoying being able to read adult chapter books.

This blog is a sharing of thoughts and feelings that are solely and completely my own and not necessarily those of my husband, children, or anyone else in my family. All stories told in on this blog are true to
my recollection of events.