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The Refrigerator

This is part one of a two-part post. Although written in the middle of March Madness, it is as pertinent today as it was then. The only thing that’s changed is that in the summertime, the only one to meet me at the door in the afternoon is Paisley, and the irony is I miss the madness.  […]


Growing Up

Daddy and I have always been close. Always. Until I was about fourteen or so, I had a healthy dose of equal parts fear of and respect and adoration for him. As I got older, there was less and less fear and more and more respect and adoration.

Krakengard’s Revenge

“Hey, I really need you to look at something.”  I was loading the dishwasher when Jamie got my attention.  At our house this sentence can mean one of about three things: 1)  I need you to look at a really cool work something on my computer. 2)  I need you to look at the unusually […]


Resurrection Fern

From what Daddy has put together, my great-great grandfather William Thomas Morgan was twenty-five years old and a member of the field artillery fighting at Gettysburg when he got word that his wife and children were sick with typhoid fever.  So, he left his battalion and walked most of the 844 miles back to Quitman, […]