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A year into our marriage, Jamie and I clearly had very different expectations. Things weren’t going well. At a very naïve and relatively sheltered twenty-three, I expected a 1950’s “Leave it to Beaver” episode. I’ve never asked Jamie what, if anything, he expected. In retrospect, it had to be something like “Porky’s” but with a […]


My children often ask what heaven is like. Jamie and I give the standard answers about angels and no pain or fear. His Baptist upbringing provokes him into throwing in a few mansions and crowns.  I counter that with what our wise, old Presbyterian minister used to tell us about heaven being a walled off […]


Every now and then, I am a total badass. And not the normal kind of Mom-badass that meme’s are made of either, the ones that show a super tired Mom wearing sort of dorky superhero cape and mask and her socked feet are propped up on the coffee table and she’s looking exhausted, I’m talking […]