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April 18, 2019


I take showers in the mornings, a foggy stumble into the bathroom for a quick in-and-out of a hot shower and hair washing.  In high school, I took a bath just before bedtime and had enough time for a little ritual.  

Balancing my little black boombox with a cassette player on the towel rack, I’d put in a mixtape, fill the bathtub with hot water, and soak.  Then, right before I got out of the tub, I’d slide down under the water, my hair floating around my head, knobby knees pointed to the ceiling.  Underwater, the music sounded muffled and warped. I’d stay as long as I could stand it, and then I’d pop back up, and wash my wet hair under the faucet.  Stepping out of the tub, my skin pink from the hot water, I’d dry my hair, put on my pj’s and climb in bed.  It was a moment of calm and relaxation in what I considered a tumultuous senior year. 

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