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Awards Night

April 11, 2019

Awards Night

When I was teaching, there was a pervasive theory that if it hadn’t been taught by Spring Break, it would not be learned at all.  

I suppose this theory is based on the fact that we have more in common with the animal world than we recognize.  For it is in spring when animals wake from their long hibernations. Trees and flowers bud and bloom. The sun shines warmer and beckons all to come outside and sit awhile in longer days and pleasant evenings.   

Children sense this change, too, and rush outside barefoot, playing into the chill of the evening, and only then coming inside with flushed cheeks and cold hands.  There is expectancy in their faces. They know the restorative power of the changing seasons. They feel youth so deeply in their bones that they don’t recognize it until they get older and notice its absence. Continue Reading